EXCERPT – Heaven Sent 2: Purgatory

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Heaven Sent 2: Purgatory

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Reese toed off his shoes in the tiled entryway of his townhouse, tossing his jacket — his only dry piece of clothing — onto a nearby chair. The shoes were ruined. His socks were soaked and stunk something awful. No, it wasn’t just the socks. With a new spate of curses, he started ripping at the shirt and slacks to get them off. How much was he going to have to pay for doing this to a rental? Thoroughly disgusted, he dropped his underwear last, letting the cotton splat onto the tiles.

Amazingly enough, he was half hard. Damn Luc!

Fuming, he stomped up the narrow flight of stairs and into the bathroom through the door that opened onto the upper landing. He cranked on the water and stepped under the spray before it was quite warm enough. He had to get the sour fish pond smell off his skin. Diligently, he scrubbed his skin until he was red all over and washed his hair twice. The second time wasn’t quite necessary, but he was trying his best to distract himself from his errant thoughts and the hard on that wouldn’t go away.

Luc Sloane had come on to him. Luc Sloane had asked to fuck him. Luc had kissed him, and God, he was even better than Reese could ever have hoped! Better than the one other kiss they had shared. The thought of those fingertips on his cheek, those lips on his, that hand squeezing his cock … Most of the blood in his body drained south to make his dick throb.

Finally he couldn’t stand it. He poured conditioner into his palm and reached down. Leaning against the tiles with his free hand, he shut his eyes and pulled on his cock, wondering why he’d insisted that Luc couldn’t come and do this for him. It didn’t take long. He was primed and prepped and couldn’t for the life of him get the image of Luc’s face out of his mind.

Panting, Reese stared down at his dick. Jerking off had taken the edge off the lust, but hadn’t erased the need Luc had awakened in him. His blood was still simmering, and it wasn’t the hot water that did it.

“Fuck!” He turned into the spray to rinse off. He quite studiously ignored the throb in his cock and the curl of need in his belly.

Why, exactly, hadn’t he invited Luc in? Why was he all alone in the shower jerking off when he could have the bass player’s hands and mouth on him? Oh, yeah. His job. His life. He couldn’t be gay. No matter how good it felt. No matter how right it felt. No matter that the man dominated his dreams. His lust for Luc was something to be denied. He couldn’t go ruining his life just for a passing fantasy.

Even if it was a really good fantasy!

Reese finished his shower and dried off, then pulled on a comfy pair of pajama bottoms and toweled his hair as he went downstairs to fetch the clothes he’d left near the door. But first, a stop in the kitchen for asprin and water to avoid a hangover. Even though his dunk in the pond seemed to have cleared his head, he remembered too well just how much he’d had to drink

He was just finishing a huge glass of water when the knock sounded at the door. He froze, staring across the dark living room at the darker entryway. It was somewhere around midnight. Who could it …?

He moaned softly, setting the glass down carefully in the sink. If he ignored it, maybe Luc would go away.

Another knock, followed by a softly seductive voice. “Reese, I know you’re there. Don’t want me to disturb your neighbors, do you?”

Reese snarled. Just the sound of that voice had his cock perking to attention again. Be strong! He stomped across his living room, kicked aside wet clothing, and opened the door. He tried to just crack it, but Luc pushed in. Reese stumbled back, slipping in a puddle. His world spun and he braced for impact with the tiles. But Luc caught his arms above the elbows, aborting his fall by slamming him up against the closet opposite the front door. The front door snicked shut, but Reese couldn’t see it with Luc looming over him.

“What do you want?” Reese hissed, not sure that he sounded as mad as he intended.

Luc’s hands slid down his arms to take hold of his wrists and yanked them up above Reese’s head. He leaned in the extra few inches he had on Reese. Loose red hair fell forward, almost brushing Reese’s temple. “This.” Luc took Reese’s mouth in a possessive, brutal kiss.

Reese groaned into it, fisting his hands. It took way too much effort to push Luc away. All of the man’s weight was leaning on those hands, pinning Reese to the closet door. So instead he twisted his face aside, gasping for breath when he was free. “God damn it! What’re you doing?”

Luc’s lips dragged up Reese’s cheek to his ear. His knee nudged between Reese’s legs, pressing his thigh into Reese’s groin.

The erection that hadn’t gone away flared to full, hideous life.

“I tried to leave,” that voice rumbled in his ear. “But I’m dying to taste you. I want to suck you down and eat you up.” His teeth closed down on the curve between Reese’s neck and shoulder. “Please, Reese. I’ve got to fuck you.”


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