EXCERPT – Heaven Sent 1: Heaven

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Heaven Sent 1: Heaven

This title is in transition.


©2006 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Tyler tried to put Johnnie’s whereabouts from his mind, but he couldn’t quite manage it. He knew when Johnnie left the bar and trailed along into the dark part of the room behind the couch. Tyler panicked, wondering what he was doing, but he didn’t dare look. A click, then sounds from the bedroom, told him that Johnnie had left the room. Tyler bit his lip and fought a groan, not wanting to think of Johnnie anywhere near a bed. The sound of running water told him that the man was in the bathroom, but then his mind filled with what Johnnie looked like wet. He was like that in one of the band’s videos, and Tyler had always suppressed the fact that he found that video particularly stimulating.

Yeah, he had to get out of here!

He was about to give up the game when Johnnie startled him by appearing at his other side. The rockstar calmly lifted the leg nearest Tyler and positioned himself so that he was straddling the arm of the couch. “Oh, good move,” he murmured. Tyler managed to breathe. Okay. They could forget the earlier conversation. They could go back to something safe, like the world of Final Fantasy 10.

Johnnie watched and Tyler played. The only comments made were questions or words of praise from Johnnie interspersed with answers and curses from Tyler. By the time he’d again lost his life, he was somewhat calm again, keyed up in the familiar way of the game rather than the dangerous way of Johnnie’s presence.

“Want to take another try at it?” he offered, twisting to look up at Johnnie as he offered the game controller.

Johnnie smiled down at him, and just that fast Tyler was again a deer caught in headlights. Johnnie took the controller from him and tossed it to the carpet. “I want to try a new game.” He leaned in toward Tyler, reaching for him.

Tyler gasped, eyes wide as he scrambled hastily back on the couch. Johnnie swung around and descended on him. Tyler fell, his back against the plush upholstery, his hands instinctively splaying across the hot skin of Johnnie’s chest as it hovered over him. Hair that was every color of brown imaginable hissed forward and curtained either side of them, creating a darkened haven as Johnnie came to rest straddling Tyler’s waist.

“What the hell?” Tyler found it hard to breathe as Johnnie sat firmly, pressing his hot crotch against what was now a full-fledged erection in Tyler’s pants.

Johnnie braced on bare, muscular arms above Tyler. “My new game requires two people.”

Tyler pushed against Johnnie’s chest, halting the other man’s sudden swoop toward him halfway. “Whoa, wait!”


“I’m not gay.”

“So? Neither am I.”

Tyler blinked, too many thoughts warring with raging fire coursing his veins. “What? Then why …”

“Just because I like to fuck men doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

Tyler latched on to the only rational thought in his head. “It doesn’t?”

Johnnie hummed through a dark smile, pressing his weight against Tyler’s hands. Tyler, without good leverage, watched in horror — anticipation? — as those beautiful lips approached his. “No, it doesn’t. I’ve slept with far too many women to be gay.”

“B-but …?”

He barely finished the word before Johnnie ceased his ability to talk by sealing their lips together. Tyler’s mouth was already open to the tongue that plunged within. Johnnie tasted of Jack Daniels and something else that Tyler found strangely delicious. So much so that his own tongue twined with Johnnie’s just to savor the taste. This was entirely unlike kissing a woman. No woman in his limited experience had ever been this aggressive, or this overpowering. He tried to push Johnnie away with little effect. Or was he really pushing? The fingers he had curled around Johnnie’s shoulders might just have been hanging on for dear life as the world tipped on its axis.

Johnnie dropped the rest of his weight atop Tyler. One arm slid up under Tyler’s back to tangle in his hair, to tilt his head for a better angle and a firmer kiss. Tyler was completely unable to think with those lips locked on his.

He was hardly aware of anything until he figured out that Johnnie had stopped kissing him. When had his eyes closed? He had to open them to see Johnnie’s warm smirk from inches above his nose.

“That was nice,” the vision purred, leaning back in.

Tyler twisted his head to the side and tried to push Johnnie away again. Geez, he was heavy! “I’m not gay.”

“You already said that.” The words warmly caressed the spot just below Tyler’s ear, making him shiver.

“Then stop …”

Chuckle. “Stop what?”

“Kissing me.”

The hand in his hair gently massaged the back of his neck. “Mmmm. I think I’m going to do a lot more than kiss you.”


“Why not?”

“I’m not gay.”

“You’re sounding like a broken record. Fucking me wouldn’t mean you’re gay. You like sleeping with women, right?”


A hot tongue rimmed his ear before it guided his earlobe between soft lips. “Then you’re not gay.”

Tyler gasped when teeth bit down on his earlobe. “But …”

“Fucking a guy doesn’t mean you’re gay,” Johnnie repeated, releasing Tyler’s earlobe with a wet pop. “It means you’re open to so many more types of pleasure, not just the ones that are widely accepted.”

“No …”

“Why not? Doesn’t it feel good?”

Tyler opened his mouth to reply, but Johnnie’s lips were back for another mesmerizing kiss. Tyler whimpered into those lips, trying in vain to reassemble his thoughts through the pulsing, burning pressure that was pooling deep in his gut.

Johnnie lifted his head. “Doesn’t it?”

Confused, Tyler looked up at him. He’d lost track of the conversation. “Doesn’t …?”

Johnnie chuckled, pushing up to balance on the elbow of the arm that still held Tyler’s hair. “Mmm, I’m better than I thought.” His free hand started unbuttoning Tyler’s shirt.


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